Practice Pieces: Commit to Sit

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14157916846_8c9e3601a4_z In Contemplation by P Bibler

Fitting something else into our already over-stuffed lives can be a real challenge. The will might be there, but life gets in the way and sweeps us along. This can be even more the case with meditation. We still might not be absolutely sure it’s worth making the time for – that it’s a worthwhile endeavour. But like getting regular exercise, the benefits are definitely felt if we stick with it, to the point where you may feel like something’s missing when you haven’t done it. So here are a few tips on establishing a regular meditation routine.

  1. It’s worth setting a firm intention to practice. You could write this down, including all the reasons why you want to commit to this. You might also like to keep an ongoing journal to record your experiences of mindfulness practice. Looking back over it later you may…

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