The reason why humans act the way they do is incredibly simple. There are two states:
1) UNCONSCIOUSNESS (just able to function; however, constant mental activity drowns out any awareness of love, beauty, creativity or joy)
2) CONSCIOUSNESS (aware of the present moment and thus connected to the life force that runs the universe).
All humans dwell in 1) -unconsciousness for some of the time. Some humans are able to be conscious much of the time (rare). Most have varying moments from not much at all to quite a lot. ALL humans know, at a deep level that peace and joy etc are ONLY really available when they are present to the moment and hence receiving energy from the universe to grow and prosper. But most humans put off awareness of this to try one more thing that puts them in sole control and proves the lie that we can be god-like and determine our own destiny – the great deception. This deception ultimately results in war, mental illness, sometimes physical illness and unhappiness across the globe. It’s simple. Either be aware or not. It’s the only choice you really ever have.



  1. I think proper engagement in a task or activity allows us to sit between the edge of both. The unconscious automatic self and the conscious present moment connection. Flow


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