ACIM 68: Love holds no grievances.

  • Difficult if not impossible to maintain for more than a moment if my focus is on my ego mind. My ego mind justifies my grievances because my body feels threatened. How can I not hold a grievance if I feel threatened, small and vulnerable. Because I am not all knowing, all present and all powerful, guilt and shame are inevitable consequences as I realise my errors. In reality, I truly do not know what I do.

    I trust in you, oh Lord of Peace, I am not just a body. My body is merely a communication device to express the glory of God’s love in the world. I am in my Father’s image, therefore I see. I am awake. I cannot be anything other than awake. When I am not awake, I am really, I just can see it. God forgives because it’s His nature, He cannot do otherwise. God is love. God is forgiveness. Above all, God is love. One day there will be no need for forgiveness because God never condemned in the first place. But for now, my path to the peace of God is through forgiveness.


    WEEK 6 – There was never anything wrong

    Even your resistance is manna from heaven’


    1. Read all the steps and notes below before starting this meditation.
    2. Get comfortable and completely relax remaining as still as you can. Notice your body breathing as if for the first time.
    3. Don’t be concerned if your mind is racing or thinking of this or that – let it – just choose to focus on your breathing for now
    4. Regardless of the activity in your mind, dedicate the next fifteen minutes to allowing yourself to experience whatever comes up for you whether it’s thoughts, feelings, visions or emotions.
    5. Set a timer for 15 minutes (choose a gentle alarm!) and start when you are comfortable and ready.


    • Allow everything in this present moment, no matter how negative or how positive. Nothing is wrong or ‘shouldn’t be’. There are no mistakes, there’s just what is!
    • Rejoice with curiosity any thoughts that may come up and allow them space to breath..
    • Without any effort or striving, know that each thought form is not just a chaotic, random occurance but carefully prepared nourishment for your growth.
    • Like the beauty of a rose needs the nourishment of manure, respect the process and let it happen. One needs the other.
    • Do this every day of the week

    WEEK 1 – Acceptance

    Accept each moment as it is – rather than the story your mind tells you about it  

    Writtle, Essex
    1. set your timer to 1 minute and be ready to press start
    2. Get ready on the count of 3 to recall from the last few days, a significant movement of energy in your body – 3-2-1; hold that memory.
    3. don’t be concerned if you cannot remember some or any of the details
    4. regardless of what your mind told you about it or is telling you now, dedicate the next minute to being absolutely still in honour of that energy movement. Start the timer.
    5. Do this every day this week

    Unconditional Love


    We cannot unconditionally love one another if we impose conditions on ourselves. We cannot give what we don’t have. To love yourself unconditionally is a selfless act – the ego will never allow it. This quality of love doesn’t abide in the dualistic world of right or wrong, good or bad, worthy or unworthy. Unconditional love just is. It’s way beyond our concept of justice, goodness or sprirituality and far beyond blame or righteousness. We won’t be able to appreciate this love if we try to work it out, think about it or set some criteria for it. There is no key performance indicator, no yardstick to judge it by. Unconditional love is all around and within us – but often we find it hard to see. We can practice feeling it. We can practice being still enough to feel it’s vibration. It’s subtle but very powerful. It powers the universe. Sooner or later we will hear the still-small-voice and then we realise we were always love. 

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