Do you notice your access to peace?

There are only two ways, one is not really a ‘way’ at all, it’s an illusion, but it shows up as the belief in separateness. The true way, the only real way is oneness with God, that’s who you really are. That’s who all your brothers and sisters really are. The only right minded thing you can do is to decide for God but you will need help to keep on deciding for God. That’s what The Holy Spirit is for. To decide for God just requires a nod to God, a holding out your hand to God. It’s a beautiful moment of surrender, it’s a beautiful moment of realising actually you’re not surrendering anything. The only barometer you can use to test if you are on the right path is:

‘are you experiencing a peace that goes beyond your normal egoic understanding, and is it void of guilt or fear?’

If you’re not experiencing this peace, it is a sure sign that the ego has hitched a lift. But don’t fear, it’s just another amazing opportunity to turn, ever so slightly, towards God and He will take care of the rest.


ACIM 68: Love holds no grievances.

  • Difficult if not impossible to maintain for more than a moment if my focus is on my ego mind. My ego mind justifies my grievances because my body feels threatened. How can I not hold a grievance if I feel threatened, small and vulnerable. Because I am not all knowing, all present and all powerful, guilt and shame are inevitable consequences as I realise my errors. In reality, I truly do not know what I do.

    I trust in you, oh Lord of Peace, I am not just a body. My body is merely a communication device to express the glory of God’s love in the world. I am in my Father’s image, therefore I see. I am awake. I cannot be anything other than awake. When I am not awake, I am really, I just can see it. God forgives because it’s His nature, He cannot do otherwise. God is love. God is forgiveness. Above all, God is love. One day there will be no need for forgiveness because God never condemned in the first place. But for now, my path to the peace of God is through forgiveness.