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The Presence Process

I have just completed Michael Brown’s ‘The Presence Process – A Journey into Present Moment Awareness’ It wasn’t all plain-sailing – my resistance manifested in many ways; forgetfulness, not bothering, feeling uncomfortable and creating all manner of plausible excuses why I can’t face something that’s clearly a block for me! According to Brown, ‘it’s the mind struggling to give up it’s God-like control and grip on my experience of life’. I know the games I play are the same ones I played when I was a child; not wanting to do my home-work, avoiding being found-out, playing up to get attention. Nothing’s new, it’s all a repeating pattern, ‘driven by unintegrated emotional charge’. I now realise that decades have past, and opportunities have been squandered as I allowed myself to be distracted by the symphony of discomfort and pain. The time was right for me to get some clarity, focus my energy and accelerate the process of integrating my past and the ancient feelings from childhood into my adult experience of life. The proof is in the eating. Read, follow the simple instructions and the rest is down to you. Only you can feel your unintegrated charge. Only you can face your fear, anger and grief. No one else, not even Michael Brown can do it for you.

Short Breathing Meditation

Breathing meditation:

IN: Feel the air and smile,

OUT: feel the calm and relax

IN: breath into any knots and smile,

OUT: Let go of any deeper tension

IN: Feel the joy of NOW and smile, smile, smile

OUT: Relax, fall deeply into the arms of love! ❤


Remember, as well as mindfulness meditation, we can use routine activities as a mindful moments to switch out attention from thinking to feeling the actual sensation of now; like when we clean our teeth or take the first mouthful of breakfast or do any exercise. The more we practice, the less we are drowned out by constant thinking, enabling the mind to operate more effectively. As research has shown, the health benefits can be enormous.

When you next stop at a traffic lights or take a break at work, pause for a moment and take three deep, slow breaths:

  • trafficIN: feel the air flow in through your nostrils
  • OUT: relax, let go of any thoughts (like letting go of helium balloons!)
  • IN: feel the lungs, diaphragm and belly fill with fresh air
  • OUT: Relax even more; let go of any deep tension in your body
  • IN: sense the entire body as field of living, vibrating energy
  • OUT: with a smile, fall into the arms of unconditional love and accept yourself exactly as you are!


If you have an iPhone, there’s a great app called Mindfulness Daily by Inward Inc. to help you pause during the day. There is also Insight Timer – this has a huge supportive social network community integrated into the app.

Zentangles at the Hummingbird!

Zentangles at the Hummingbird!



Client Zentangles created as a meditation last week. You can read all about Zentangles by clicking on the top set of images . . .


Whenever there is negativity in you, if you can be aware at that moment that there is something in you that takes pleasure in it or believes it has a purpose, you are becoming aware of the ego directly. The moment this happens, your identity has shifted from ego to awareness. This means the ego is shrinking and awareness is growing.


There is a saying – “if you can’t think of anything nice to say about someone, then don’t say anything at all”. I wonder if there is some truth in that. All negativity can be traced back to the ego but how do you protect yourself from being taken advantage of? When someone is ‘out to destroy you’, is that often a construct of your own mind, a delusion? What about when you are the victim of crime or torture or you are the target of injustice at work or by the state? How do you deal with that? It’s all about context. Am I just being right or am I being like Mandela, standing in truth AND reconciliation? Let’s be real my friends but starting from a place of peace and stillness of the heart – not from the righteous indignation of the ego – we will know the difference.
I value your comments . . .

Photo of Central Park framed by the arch of a viaduct

Central Park, Chelmsford Jan 2014