3. Body scan

The sensations of the body often go unnoticed; the two Nile in the toes, the electricity in the hands. Doing a body scan of such sensations, starting at the toes and scanning slowly to the head can help you anchor your awareness in the present moment rather than chasing the monkey mind of incessant thinking. Being aware of what is right now can help you still your mind and listen the present moment. The spirit can finally be heard, the still small voice can remind you who you really are and love can extend its helping hand.


ACIM Lesson 69: My grievances hide the light of the world in me

Ive been following that star all my life!

Grievances are not real – merely phantoms; wisps of delusional smoke. My quest is to shine bright which is not possible as a separate little ego, bereft of any source but as a child of God, a vessel; a lamp ready and primed to receive God’s fire. My job is to look at my grievances and let them dissolve away and my motivation is to enable my brothers and sisters to see their way too. It’s not my strength alone I share but the gift of grace I pass on to my brothers and sisters. The Christ Jesus is that light. The source of all that is.

Your light is dearer to me than all the trinkets I may play with to keep me from seeing your light and the adornments I use to hide the light within me. Salvation is my only need. This is it. So simple yet so alludes the ego mind. I do not need to search for my purpose or meaning in this world. I have always known it really.

“We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.”

T. S. Eliot