Practice: One thing at a time

Attributed to Devin Maroney at the One Heart blog

Devin Maroney

Some people think of meditation as something we do sitting on the floor (or in a chair) with our legs crossed and our eyes closed, but much of the wonder of mindfulness is experienced as it works its way into all aspects of our lives. We come to realize that we can be awake and present for everything: the joy of cooking, the way it feels to make a bed, the sadness and tenderness of truly listening to a friend in need.

We also may come to find how little we’ve actually experienced up until now. We may be consumed by making plans at breakfast, only to find that the meal is over and we weren’t really aware of eating it. Or we may start to see that when we walk in the cold or ride on the train, rather than feeling the air on our face or hearing the  rumbling of the wheels on the tracks, we are stuck…

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