WEEK 6 – There was never anything wrong

Even your resistance is manna from heaven’


  1. Read all the steps and notes below before starting this meditation.
  2. Get comfortable and completely relax remaining as still as you can. Notice your body breathing as if for the first time.
  3. Don’t be concerned if your mind is racing or thinking of this or that – let it – just choose to focus on your breathing for now
  4. Regardless of the activity in your mind, dedicate the next fifteen minutes to allowing yourself to experience whatever comes up for you whether it’s thoughts, feelings, visions or emotions.
  5. Set a timer for 15 minutes (choose a gentle alarm!) and start when you are comfortable and ready.


  • Allow everything in this present moment, no matter how negative or how positive. Nothing is wrong or ‘shouldn’t be’. There are no mistakes, there’s just what is!
  • Rejoice with curiosity any thoughts that may come up and allow them space to breath..
  • Without any effort or striving, know that each thought form is not just a chaotic, random occurance but carefully prepared nourishment for your growth.
  • Like the beauty of a rose needs the nourishment of manure, respect the process and let it happen. One needs the other.
  • Do this every day of the week